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➊ Safe for All Floor: The caster wheels are coated in soft polyurethane that makes contact with your floor is a soft, The soft outer shell helps prevent damage on your floor, even if your chair is not rolling on a floor mat which means it can be as an alternative to a chair mat. But it also can work well on a chair mat if you insist. Enjoy a carefree, safe glide across wood, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile and carpet floors all day long.

➋ Super Smooth & Silent Rolling: With 360°free rolling heads and stainless steel balls, you’ll feel the movement of casters feel like a silk. You even can’t hear any sound.This chair wheels run freely on carpet, hardwood floor.

➌ Heavy-Duty & Sturdy: Made of stainless steel and polyurethane, A small amount of sulfur dioxide, graphite, silicone oil and other lubricants are added to the polyurethane. that made the wheels to be more stronger than before and has extreme resistance to abrasion ..with larger bearing balls and higher quality, caster wheels load up to 700lbs weight.This makes the heavy duty caster wheels a great option for heavier people.

➍ Universal Fit: These casters come in a set of five. They are fully assembled and will arrive ready to be installed on your office chair. These chair wheels fit most office chair sold in the USA(usually use the same size casters), there is little worry that these will not fit your chair. The stem, or the metal piece that is inserted into the base of the chair, measures 7/16″wide x 7/8″tall(11mm x 22mm)is the universal stem size. Not include IKEA chairs

➎ SGS Certificatton& Warranty:We reconsidered mechanical design and engineering. Unique design is completely free from problems of analog casters, balls falling out, vertical pin fracture, body failure.This wheel won't get stuck in the hair of people and pets.We offer 30-day refund without giving a reason and 1 years warranty